Hip Examination

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  •  Walking aids
  • External appliance
  • Footwear




  • Mechanism of Injury 

Direct force to the flexed knee: Posterior dislocation of the hip

Fall on the greater trochanter : Fracture neck femur

  • Pain

Site of Pain
Groin and the front of the thigh → hip pain
Lateral aspect of the thigh → trochanteric bursitis
Pain in the buttock → referred pain from spine
Pain felt generally in the knee → referred pain from the hip

Type of Pain
Aching pain → degenerative arthritis
Pain during activity → structural abnormality
Pain after activity → infl ammatory arthropathy, tendinosis,
Night pain → usually not mechanical in origin. In patients with
no history of trauma, other causes, such as primary or meta-
static bone tumor, should be ruled out.

( To be continued )

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