Anatomy of the Wrist

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Dorsal Sufrace of the hand and wrist 

Dorsal compartments of the wrist:

Compartment Tendons Notes Common Pathology
first EPB, APL    Both in separate synovial sheaths De Quervains 
second ECRL, ECRB  radial to Lister's tubercle Carpal boss   
third EPL    ulnar to Lister's tubercle Rupture over Lister's tubercle 
fourth EDC, EIP common synovial sheath Tenosynovitis & ruptures
fifth EDM    Double tendon, over DRUJ Tenosynovitis & ruptures
sixth ECU    lies over distal ulna

Subluxing at ulnar styloid

Tip Lister tubercle

Lister tubercle : ( dorsal tubercle of the radius ) >> palpable on the dorsum of the wrist.

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